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I am a Speaker, Author, Blogger, Positivity and Happiness Strategist, and your Dream Life Coach!

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About Cassandra

I am Cassandra Freeman. I am a wife, mother of four boys and founder of Thoughtful Inspirations, I am driven to help moms achieve their dreams by sharing my never give up and happiness strategies I’ve learned on my way to success as an entrepreneurial mother, doctoral student, and through the use of biblical principles.

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“If a mother of 4 boys can still study in her house, we all need to listen to what she has to say! Cassandra Freeman has made the impossible, possible! With the tips from this book, I now have plans to buy a Livescribe pen and my kids are becoming a part of my learning instead of something else to take care of before I can study.”

Ayana Brown

“I love how positive you are! It’s so uplifting and encouraging to see your blogs, tweets, and posts come across my news feed! If your presence can touch someone online, I can not imagine the happiness you bring to those around you. Your products are great, they are a daily reminder for me to keep going, keep pushing, and never give up! Thank you so much!”

Jamila Freeman

“No Excuses is brilliant! I love this no nonsense approach to life, since I started writing things down and eliminating my excuses I feel so different. I am actually happier and finally got the courage to apply for a promotion that I've been pushing aside for years. I highly recommend you checking this out for yourself!”

T. Taylor
Cassandra Freeman's story

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