10 Signs Your on the Verge of Giving Up

Are you showing signs that you are about to give up…

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Wondering why you haven’t been making progress on your goals?  What’s holding you back from achieving the things you desire in life? When you are on the verge of giving up sometimes you may not recognize all the signs.  The signs that lead you to not achieve the things you fought so hard in life for. Those things you invested time, energy, money, sweat, and tears to go after shouldn’t be given up on.  To help you recognize when you might be on the verge of giving up I’ve compiled a list so that you can be aware and confident that you are on the right track.

1. You fall out of your goal seeker routine. You create a routine that you know will help you achieve your goals and you don’t follow through.  You don’t discipline yourself to stick to your plan or your daily todos that will ultimately lead to your success.  When you get comfortable operating outside of your routine watch out, you may be telling yourself that you’ve had enough. Success is created by consistent and great daily habits.Tweet This What will you choose?

2. You carry an I don’t care attitude. When you get to the point where you are behaving nonchalantly towards your goals you are on the verge of giving up. Telling yourself or others that you don’t care is a sign that you are hurt about something that happened and you are trying to protect yourself by saying you don’t care. But you do. Perhaps that last setback was just too much or you took that last critique to heart.  Recognize that you do care and use that situation as a learning experience to keep growing and moving forward.

3. You take time away from it. What you don’t spend time with you lose relationship withTweet This Growing your never give up mindset is something that constantly needs to be done. Whenever you take time away from that, you will find you begin being on the verge of giving up.  It is usually a slow process that you don’t recognize until your on the phone with a friend complaining that this is just too much and I don’t know if I can do this anymore. That’s why growing your never give up mindset daily is something we often take for granted and over look doing.  

Choose to never give up by deciding that nothing is going to stop you from fulfilling your dreams…ever. Refuse to quit. Tell yourself I am never giving up or giving in! Decide that nothing is going to stop you from fulfilling your dreams…ever. Refuse to quit.

4. You’ve began to see necessary tasks as a burden. Have things on your mind, phone, or your todo list that you know are important tasks that you really should be doing?  When you begin to see these tasks as an annoyance instead of something helpful you are on the verge of giving up.  The tasks you choose to do daily should always bring you closer to achieving the things that you want to achieve in life.  The moment you begin to see life-changing todos as carrying lots of weight but very little meaning that means you have lost sight of why you are working so hard.  Remind yourself daily of the purpose of each task, this will help you remember your goal and what you ultimately want fulfilled.

5. You begin to make excuses. Are you starting to come up with reasons why you have stopped trying or why you can’t do something? There is no reason big enough that should cause you to give up. Tweet This Overcome your excuses by accepting that there is always something you can do to make your dreams happen.

6. You stop producing quality work. When your work starts to pay the price in quality you are falling out of your never give up mindset.  Your never give up mindset should cause you to produce excellence in all you do.  So when your work quality becomes sluggish and lazy that’s a sure sign that you need some refreshening.  Refreshen yourself by taking a break and spending some time to invest in your mindset.

Invest In Yourself

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7. You waste time doing other irrelevant tasks that have nothing to do with what you want to accomplish. Have you ever known that you are supposed to be doing something and end up on social media for an hour or watching your favorite television show marathon?  Watch out…you may be telling yourself that it’s time to throw in the towel.  When you really give your all to something, everything else that’s irrelevant doesn’t matter.  The moment those irrelevant things do matter, beware.  

8. You start speaking it to others. I think I’m just done.  The way you talk is an outward expression of how you feel inside. Speak with a hopeful but realistic outlook. Sometimes when you feel like complaining the best thing to do is to silently affirm to yourself words of encouragement or bible verses that remind you of God’s promises.

9.  You stop getting results because of your lack of action. What you sow you reap.  If you are not sowing in the work, you will not reap the results. Take action daily.  Grow your never give up mindset daily.

10. You let your feelings of dread keep you from taking action. This is a major sign that you are starting to throw in the towel. When you start giving in to those feelings of dread and allowing those feelings to prevent you from taking action, you are showing a major sign of giving up.  Discipline yourself to get things done regardless of how you feel.  Successful people stick to their commitments and hold themselves to their word.  Once you commit to a goal you have given your word to yourself that no matter how you feel you will take action.

No matter how you feel, take action.

Download your free Love to Never Give Up Sheets. Each day write down a reason why you won’t give up.

I Love to Never Give Up

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Cassandra Freeman

  • Paul

    I wish your post could have been helpful to me. I guess maybe sometimes one’s feeling of hopelessness is far greater than any action they feel they can take.

    • Cassandra Freeman

      Hi Paul,
      I am sorry that you feel that you were not able to find the answer that you were seeking. But keep this in mind. While we are in hopelessness we are still making a choice to take action. We are taking the action to worry or fret that allows us to remain in that hopelessness. We must try our best to break free, to pray, and to take positive actions forward that will promote hope instead of hopelessness. I hope this helps. Thanks for your comment.