3 Easy Options to Kickstart Funding Your Dreams

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We all know that funding your dreams can be difficult, especially in the beginning. But you can save if you get determined, set up a strategy, and put it into action.

I want to share 3 quick tips with you on how you can start saving for your dreams fast!

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Automate your savings. Don’t overthink it. Don’t look at it. Don’t think about it. Create a strategy for how much you want to save and schedule it. The best savings plan is one that comes out without your noticing and then before you know it, it has grown into a number that astonishes you.

Use Digit/Stash. These are digital savings options. You can save with your goal in mind. Using digit you can save for specific goals and give the app deadlines for each goal. It will save the money for you based on your spending habits. I especially love the text message reminders and celebrations each time you reach a saving landmark. Stack is an investment app. It takes the change from your purchases. Once you reach $5 in change, it debits the $5 from your account and invests it in stock market. While the Stash option is riskier, it is still an option nonetheless. You can also choose between saving a short term or long term savings goal.

Substitute an impulse buy for a savings moment instead. This can be a quick way to save money. We tend to buy a lot of things we don’t need. This type of spending can come from a lot of things from not planning well to emotional spending. The truth is we all see things that we want. The longer we buy the items that we see and don’t need we are stealing that money away from our dreams and the life we long to live. When we can start finding the boldness to do things differently and take action towards saving for our dreams then we get to really experience what it’s like to not only be our best selves but show others how they too can experience their dream lives too!

start funding my dream

Use these 3 things to start funding your dreams today…

Keep believing in the success you dream of!

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