3 Ways to Find the Support You Need to Achieve Your Goals

Solutions to find the support you need to achieve your goals...


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You've got this big audacious dream or goal, you're excited about it but when you start sharing your excitement with others you get sideways looks πŸ˜’πŸ˜•πŸ™„. 

You wonder...what is that all about?

The people closest to you or people that you look up to because they are doing what you want to do, say discouraging things that places doubt in your mind. You think...

What in the world is going on? Why is this happening? How is this possible that you of all people would say something like that? I thought that you were the ones who were supposed to support me? Why is it that this one will discouraging statement bothers me so much? Or how could you say those things? I just can't believe it. 

It's because those are often the people we trust the most or want to trust the most. We value their opinion but sometimes their opinions are stained with regret from not living out their own dream.



"It makes you a better person to go after your dreams...it really does."- Bishop Rosie S. O'Neal. @bishoprosie

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I recently saw a Facebook post by @wealthstylist that said that haters don't really hate you. They are really mad at themselves and probably believe in you more than they believe in themselves.

"Please thank your naysayers (*whatever you want to call them*). The truth is they behave the way they do because they believe in you more than YOU believe in YOURSELF."-Natasha Campbell @wealthstylist

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I'm not saying this to put them down. I'm saying this so that you understand that when someone is discouraging you, it's more about them. It's about what's going on within them instead of you.

They are discouraged.

So if you have a hard time finding the support you need from friends and family I've got some solutions for you on how you can find the support, encouragement, and accountability you need to achieve your goals.

Support Solutions to Achieve Your Goals

1. Facebook Groups. It may take some searching on your part but once you find the right group, the support is amazing. Some of my most amazing supporters in my personal and business life are ones I've met in Facebook groups.

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But here's something you must remember: In order to reap the rewards of support, accountability, and encouragement in these groups you must engage, get involved, and be active. It's hard to support a person who doesn't speak. So be vocal. Interact and get the support you need to achieve.

2. Accountability Program and Partners. There aren't many out there and finding a reliable person to keep you accountable is pretty hard to find. But when you find the right one for you it can accelerate your success. Every goal must be nurtured and as I always say...

"Protect your dreams like a candle in the wind. Your dream is worth protecting." -Cassandra Freeman @thecassandraf

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Accountability programs are like incubators for your mindset, goals, and goal oriented actions. They provide you with the right environment to take off into success. You get the fuel you need to get clarity, build your strategy, and drive yourself relentlessly towards success.

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 What I love most about Accountability Programs is that people can go from having a wishful goal for years...

Wishful Goal-a goal that they've been thinking about for years.

...to manifesting it in less than a month with proper accountability.

Check this case study out:



caretta gallowway

 Caretta Galloway 



Cassandra Freeman has been such an inspiration for me!  I've had my brand new book "Pain in the Pew" in the making for 2 years now, but too afraid of taking the next step.  I made plenty of excuses of why I couldn't go forward; but once I followed the directions of Cassandra Freeman not only did her programs hold me accountable but they also encouraged me to speak life into myself until I just "Made it happen"!  Thank you Cassandra Freeman for being such a great motivator through your business Thoughtful Inspirations!!!

Case Study Analysis

Goal Related Issues

  • Years of wishful thinking
  • Paralysis of fear
  • Excuses Confirming fears

Accountable Solutions:

  1. Improve mindset with Make it Happen Program.
  2. Thoughtful Accountability that improves action rate and overall performance. Provides resources and tools that personally develop ones dreams.
  3. Introduce Accountability relationships that encourage and uplift.

Don't you wait another day! Get the accountability you need now.

3. Going to conferences, seminars, and trainings. Most people claim they don't have the money or the time to go to these events. I challenge you that you do. The problem is not that you cannot afford to go, the problem is you cannot afford to miss out. These events will give you the information, revelation, supportive relationships, and the drive to keep you moving forward. Some of the very people I've met at these events have given me friendship, business, encouragement, support, and accountability.

Want to know the major problem I see with people who attend events?

They don't apply any of the information. Everything gets forgotten.

You've got to use what you've got. Follow up with attendee's you've met. Those relationships are valuable. Apply the information so you can move to the next level. Connect. 

Truly involve yourself in the process.

So if you find yourself discouraged because you find out the people who you thought would support you the most don't...don't quit, don't slow down,...go get the support you need to keep on succeeding.

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