5 Things You Must Do to Develop Your Purpose

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5 Things You Must Do to Develop Your Purpose

Developing your purpose can be overwhelming. I've broken down developing your purpose into 5 key steps so that you can move forward and become the best version of yourself...a person who lives a life of fulfillment.

1. Identify it.

In order to develop something, you must first know what it is that you are developing. Take time to reflect and ask yourself thought-provoking questions. Evidences of your purpose are always close by, you just have to be aware and not afraid to be led to them through various interests.

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Interests often reveal inner purpose.

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2. Nurture it.

Once you have identified your purpose, now it's time to care for it. You nurture your purpose by building and strengthening it. You also have to make sure that you are feeding your faith while you are pursuing your purpose. Many times setbacks will occur and you will need to be mentally prepared to bounce back so you can keep pushing.

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3. Protect it.

I often say protect your purpose like it's a candle in the wind. Your purpose is important and delicate. Have a purpose plan and the flexibility to stick to it. It's great for people to provide suggestions and solutions, but be cautious because people will try to place doubt, distractions, or derailments in your way.

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4. Use it.

One of the worst things you can do is know there's a purpose inside of you and not act on it. Pursue your purpose. Act on it. Use your purpose to be a blessing to others. As you pursue your purpose, it will grow and develop into your grand vision.

5. Grow it.

Grow your purpose through experience. Its just like a relationship, the more you spend time with a person you grow to know them deeper, you laugh together, you may overcome problems together but after years (if you've stuck together) you both will be stronger than ever. That's how your purpose grows and that's how you grow in your purpose by growing together through the good and bad times and choosing to never give up.

It’s time to grow your purpose…

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