5 Tips to Pick the Perfect Thoughtful Gift

Pick gifts that helps build dreams…

thoughtful gift

Everyone loves to receive gifts. But the best gifts are those thoughtful gifts that help you create memories that last well beyond the purchase date.  So how do you choose the perfect thoughtful gift?

Gift giving isn’t just about the holidays.  It’s about building, growing, and sustaining relationships. It’s about helping others accelerate their purpose and dreams.

The thing is, we often get in the habit of just making random purchases without thought or getting to know the person.  We purchase items that will end up with a dusty spot in a closet, trunk, or dresser.  It serves no purpose for the individual.


Purpose-full gifts draw action out of the person.

Long ago I decided to buy people gifts of purpose.  Things that will help them achieve the goals that they have in their hearts to achieve. I’ve purchased everything from LSAT books for a person who wanted to be a lawyer, to a computer for an upcoming engineer, to a notepad and pencil for an emerging author.  In every instance I saw a transformation, an acceleration in dream progress.  The person I purchased the computer for is now an engineer. Another person I gave the notepad to has now written two books.  The person I purchased the LSAT book for quickly realized that law was her passion and is now a lawyer today. In every case their purpose-full gifts moved them closer to their dreams, helped them to attain it, surpass their own dream expectations, and it strengthened our relationship even more. So how did I do it?

I keep these things in mind:

  1.  You have to consider what the person wants deep down inside.  Not the simple things that are easily replaceable.  Things they will cherish throughout their journey to and through success.
  2. Take time to listen to them about their hopes, dreams, and experiences they want most in life.  To discover any person’s hopes and dreams, the first step is to listen. Take the time to get to know and understand what they want most out of life.  Ask questions about the things they want to accomplish in life and seek to find a tool that will help them get there.
  3. Look for an item that inspires action and excitement.  Getting an item that inspires forward movement, instead of one that looks  mundane. Get a gift that reiterates the goal the person wants to achieve.  Doing this will bring so much joy because it pulls their goal from their heart and thoughts to an exciting reality!
  4. Handwritten notes are best to compliment the gift.  A handwritten note confirms that a lot of thought went into your gift. It makes the gift receiving process more memorable.
  5. It should be an item that they can use freely and doesn’t have a catch or fine print.  Let’s be honest, no one wants a gift they have to put extra steps in for! Give a gift that encourages a make it happen mindset!

Your purpose-full gift shows them what is possible.  It answers the question “How can I move forward on my dreams? It gives them a clear pathway to fulfillment.

Don’t be afraid to ask your loved ones about the things they are trying to achieve.  Your goal centered conversation will not only open the door to a great purpose-full gift idea, it will also build a bond for your relationship that will last for years to come.

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Cassandra Freeman