Afraid to Get Started on Your Goals and Dreams?

Are You Afraid to Move Forward


afraid to get started

It is not weird or abnormal to be afraid. Fear is a common occurrence for many people. It can be especially prevalent whenever you have something to lose.

Whenever there’s a big risk and you give your all to something you may experience fear. When you are entering unknown goal territories it may intimidate you.

So, what happens to all those goals and your big dreams when fear comes in?

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We either:

1. Get paralyzed in our actions. We stop taking action because we know what we need to do but we are afraid move forward.  It feels like we've come too far to turn away.  Then staying still feels safe.  Playing it safe means that I know there are things I can do to move forward but I'm too afraid right now and so I'm going to wait right here until either the fear goes away or a better option comes.  But the thing is your best option is to move forward despite fear and not allow it to paralyze you.

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2. Run away. This means to do a complete retreat and decide that "I just can't do it." "I don't have it in me." This option results in believing that just because you are experiencing fear means that you aren't cut out for the task...but you are! Fear does not mean that you can not do it or that you are a coward. It actually means the opposite. It means that you are so unbelievably close to that vision in your heart and that once you go through and beyond the fear you will get used to the fact that not only can nothing stop you because you have got something special that is meant to be shared with the world. Don't run away, stay and confront your fear.

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You see, fear is like an invisible wall blocking your journey. You feel like you can’t get around it, like it’s blocking your way, like there’s no way through. But the key is…it’s invisible. It’s there but it’s not truly blocking you.

So, how do you get through fear?

You go through it, in order to get through it.

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You walk right through your invisible fear wall. Once you pass through it your journey gets easier because you know that you can overcome anything, even fear. You get bolder. You gain more confidence. You get further along on your journey.

So, don’t let your invisible wall stop you from moving forward. Plow through it so you can get to your success and continue to build a prosperous journey.

Don’t allow fear to keep you from your big vision…

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