Are You Thinking Good Thoughts Today? Quiz

Take this quiz to find out if your thoughts measure up to the never give up test…

Good Thoughts Quiz


What at are you thinking about right now? Are they thoughts of trying harder and giving it your all or are they complaining thoughts? Take the quiz below to find out if you are guarding your thoughts today and using them to give your dreams all you’ve got. 

1. Is it true?              

Is your thought completely off center from the truth? Are you living a lie? By practicing integrity your thoughts can focus on what is true.

2. Is it right?           

Should you be thinking the thought that you are thinking? If you were to say it out loud would it offend someone? 

3. Is it honorable?

 Does your thought bring honor? Is it ethical? Choose thoughts that bring honor to God and your loved ones.

4. Is it lovely?

What is dear to you? What is pleasing? When you think of things that sour your mood you injure your attitude and demeanor. Choose thoughts of love instead.

5. Is it pure?

Is your thought stained with ulterior motives? Is your thought clean and clear from bad tones? 

6. Is it admirable?

Would God approve of your thought? Is it honest? Is it respect deserving?

7. Is it praiseworthy?

Does your thought cause you excitement? If others knew what your thought was, would they be excited too?

8. Is it excellent?

Does it put a smile on your face and make you try harder? Are you inspired to go after more or to strive harder for the excellence that brings forth a never give up mindset?


What was your score? Are your thoughts in alignment with these standards? 

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