We all make them…isn’t it so true? But what would our lives be without them?  Mistakes teach us things, they help guide us on our journey, and add a spice to life! They are really like true, lovingly honest friends.  Unfortunately sometimes we don’t treat them that way.

What ways do you act when you make a mistake? I can think of a few things that even myself I tend to do: get angry, beat myself up mentally, get sad, frustrated…any of these ring any bells for you.  Even though I am getting better (as I am sure you are as well) one might ask the question…”Why on Earth would I treat a true friend such a way?”  Okay Okay so mistakes are not our friends but they are necessary tools and how we choose to effectively use them is our own choice.

So how should we use them? Mistakes are:



S-ound and





S-uccess story possible

Here are 3 practical ways on how to use your mistakes:

1) Calm down! Stop getting all emotional over the mistakes. They happen to everyone.

2) Ask yourself what have I learned from this.

3) Pay attention to where the correction of your mistake is guiding you.  Ask yourself, when I fix this mistake how will this improve me and make me better.  Then look forward to becoming a better you.