A Note to Overcome Your Fear

Whenever you start something new, it can be a little intimidating. Your maybe nervous, scared, or a little doubtful. When you are not in your comfort zone, it can be nerve racking because your not so sure of the next steps, you are in a new territory where everyone else may seem confident. Step into uncomfortable territory is quite difficult but if you are determined to see your vision and goals come to pass you can achieve the unimaginable. A good friend of mine once said when you feel initimated or scared do this:

“Think about what you would tell your best friend if they were in the same situation. ”

If you think about it, this makes sense. It allows you to take a step outside of the situation and really analyze it from an outside point of view and say something logical to yourself. So give it a try 🙂 What aspect of your life are you dealing with fear? Once you identify it, write down what you would tell your best friend or a person you really care about to do.