Break Free From Reluctance and Achieve More Now

Do you ever ask yourself, why is it so difficult to break free from reluctance and achieve the more I crave? 


Break Free From Reluctance and Achieve More Now

It's easy to get to a point in your journey where you stop taking action or never start taking action.  Does this sound familiar?

Goal Boss/Friend: How's your book going? (Not sure of what a Goal Boss is? Find out here.)

You: Oh girl, I don't even know. Smh...I can't remember the last time I wrote. I just haven't had the time and things have been so crazy.


Goal Boss/Friend: How's your exercising going? Have you been able to make it to the gym?

You: No I haven't had the time. I've just been so tired.

This sounds familiar because you have probably heard someone say it or said something similar yourself. Why does this keeping happening? It happens for a few reasons.

It's time to break free...

1. You have unrealistic expectations. You know that the next action that you take will not give you your ultimate end result right away. So you procrastinate and blow it off as if one small step doesn't really matter. But the truth is,...that it really does matter! We all know the story about how to eat an elephant, bite at a time. So when that BIG audacious goal makes you look at your next step and say I'll do it later, tell yourself...nope I'm taking it one step at a time. 

The Successful Journey Chart is a great way to track your goals step by step. Fill up the Chart your victories along the way portion with the actions that you took. It is such a great motivator to see your progress over time!

successful journey chart

2.  Your todo list is far too long and filled with items that really don't need to be there. A great tool to use for prioritizing your todo list so that you can accelerate your goals and produce a well-rounded life is my digital Ultimate Productivity Workshop.

Use it to focus on the actions that will lead you to the more you crave in all areas of your life. Why is this important? Most people's todo lists, are filled with things that they hope to get done.  If your todo list is a Wish List, you are doing goal achieving all wrong.

the ultimate productivity workshop

That's why it's important to focus. To hone in on the actions that are specifically in alignment with the vision you have for your life.  The Ultimate Productivity Workshop will lead you to identifying your most important todo items that you should do because they will give you the greatest life satisfaction. 

3.  You feel like you have a lack of resources. I'm going to tell you one of the secrets I teach  in my Make it Happen course. You've got everything within you and around you to make your goals happen. It's time to use what you've got to make it happen. Yes that means you! That also means the 1st thing you need to do is to start using your greatest asset...time. I show you how to maximize time with my Make happen cheat sheet. It's a great start for those who are looking to get more done and change your thinking so you can believe big and get BIG results!

make it happen cheat sheet

I've studied a lot of successful people, have millionaire friends, and helped thousands of women with their goals. I'm also a doctoral student in positive psychology. One of the things that I have learned from my experience and through my education is that having privileges and tons of resources is not what makes you great. Adversity and beginning where you are is what makes you great. That's what will make your story so great, because you started where you are, with what you've got, and built something so amazing that you have others asking how did you do that.

4.  Doubt and fear keep you reluctant. Every time you allow doubt or fear to keep you from taking action you steal a moment of success from yourself. You take away an opportunity for you to become your best self. The Successful Journey Chart is a great way to prevent doubt and fear from creeping in. It reminds you of the success that you have had so that fear won't take on your decision making. It allows you to see a quick preview of how well your actions are aligned with your vision.

successful journey chart

Cassandra Freeman