Never give up =

Let me inspire your audience to dream big and never give up today!


This keynote encourages the audience to never give up and whatever it is that they want or need to overcome.

Cassandra inspires the audience to keep going, to persist, and to never give up no matter how bad it gets. 

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make it happen



Based on her 1st and most popular online Make it Happen course is the workshop. The audience members use what they’ve got around them to make their goals and dream happen.  This workshop is designed to show that anything is possible and we are all surrounded by everything and everyone that is needed to succeed. Make it happen!

get out of your comfort zone


for your little one

This workshop is designed to help the audience compare and contrast how they behave when they are comfortable versus how they want to behave so that they can live their dream lives. Not a sit back and relax workshop, participants get immersed in an interactive activity that delivers aha moments, laughs, and insights.

motivating moms

Motivating Moms in College

to keep them ealthy

It’s hard being a parent in college. This talk provides sure ways that any parent can use to be a star student in any class. They learn student success tips, tips to study with kids around no matter what the age, and ways to stay motivated when they feel overwhelmed by being behind in their work or when they feel like it’s just too much to do.

family success speaker

Family Success


In this highly inspirational talk, Cassandra Freeman shares her family’s story of success. It goes through her journey of being a mom of four boys and dealing with the question of how do you do it all. This talk is filled with her journey of ups, downs, and overcoming insights. She also share family success tips on how to help your family towards success.

live your dream speaker

Build Your Dream


There’s a dream, an idea, a vision in everyone. Want to bring that dream to manifestation? It’s time to make your dream real. In this workshop, Cassandra provides a step by step process that the participants will go through to make their dreams real. The audience will leave with a tangible dream and their idea  bursting with possibility.

     loved her! Her message was brought across to help empower each other in a positive way! definitely would recommend her at my college.     

     I loved this workshop! It inspired me to keep working towards my goals while acknowledging my distractions and excuses.     

     The environment was amazing! The whole workshop was super engaged. It was the best workshop I've been to. The active movement was amazing!     

     I enjoyed the activities. It helped me put things into perspective for myself. I enjoyed the energy you carry. Please continue to have great workshops like this forever. You are an inspiration!     

I enjoyed you all as well! My Get Out of Your Comfort Zone workshop is one of my favorite workshops because everyone connects in the most amazing ways, there are so many aha moments, everyone leaves with goodies and a transformed mind, and plus I love laughing with you all and we all leave better than we came...even me. Thanks to the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders and their wonderful attendees!

Cassandra Freeman, Inspirational and Motivational Speaker

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About ME

I love speaking.  You will always catch speaking on the stage or the people around me.   

  • I love speaking to women and students of all ages. Here I am at an Elementary school on Author day.  Those students were hilarious. They learned about authors and we talked about some familiar authors and celebrities they know and the stories their favorite celebrities have shared.  .
  • This was my favorite Keynote Speaker moment. I spoke at the Willful Foundation Gala. This foundation is amazing, I love they way they encourage family success and help young and upcoming entrepreneurs. When I was asked to come speak on family success I jumped at the chance!
  • As speakers, we always want our audiences to be inspired by our words. I want more than inspiration though. I want transformation. I want people to leave the room with a changed mind...

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