Client Favorite Moments From Last 4 Years

Celebrating 4 years of dreaming big and making it happen…

You can download my quick wisdom tips that I’ve learned over the last 4 years here!

celebrating 4 years

I’ve composed a list of your favorite moments, classes, freebies, and events that you rave about and that have caused you to fall deeper in love with Thoughtful Inspirations and dive deep into your dreams. Well dream builders, read on about your favorite memories and see if you find some fun photos of yourself :-O

These last four years have been so rewarding for you all, for myself, and for my team. We have all accomplished so much within our dreams. I’m proud to call your my dream building family. You can download my quick wisdom tips that I’ve learned over the last 4 years here!

Countless dream manifestations! I am so amazed at all that you guys have accomplished these last 4 years. With the various tools, classes, and coaching sessions you all have manifested so many dreams! My dream board that started off bare and now has countless dreams that you all have accomplished or are currently working on.  Sidenote: My dream board is the place where I write down and post up all of your dreams that you all are working on and I pray for them. Feel free to share your dream with me on Facebook or Instagram. In any case…here are some of the dreams you all have accomplished:

You’ve become and created: Authors. Pilots. Creating mommy journals. Creating mommy planners. Building youth community centers. Creating major movements to inspire others. Living your dream lives. Creating a life after divorce.  Creating child entrepreneurs. Photographers. Opening restaurants.


Make it Happen Ecourse -Our first launched course.  Our fans raved about this course. For four years it has been a fan favorite and it keeps getting better. This course has helped tons of people use what they’ve got to make their dreams happen. From helping realtors get their drive back to make sales to helping people who have always wanted to write become authors.  But it’s not only your favorite course, it’s my favorite too because of it’s impact. I’ve had people who took the very first version of this course come to me 4 years later and remember the quotes, have applied the exercises, still have the worksheets…all in order to keep fulfilling their dreams, finish their 3rd books, form nonprofits, and find the courage to live their dream lives.

celebrating 4 years

That…is…amazing to me! Keep making your dreams happen using what you’ve got! I recently heard this quote from John Maxwell. He says that, “If you don’t start with nothing, I’m not sure you would start with something.” I believe that. If you truly believe in your dreams you will start with where you are and what you’ve got. That’s the premise of this course that you all understand and that’s why it’s your favorite because you know that you’ve already got what it takes to make your dreams happen! Yes! Now how about that?!

Meeting you all offline and online.  “You’re the Inspiration Lady!” “You’re like the Queen of Building Dreams!” “I see and like your posts online all the time!” Lol! You all have made these last 4 years absolutely astonishing.  You’ve made me laugh, made me cry (tears of joy of course), surprised me, and made me so excited and thankful that you all allow me to help nurture your dreams! You all are the most fun tribe of dream builders! I love how we can chat about your dreams. I love the excitement you all show when I share your next dream step with you. I love how after 4 years, you all are still growing along your success journey. Don’t worry, I’ve got so much more in store for you. Can’t wait to see you all again when I share my new surprises!


Live Calls and Webinars. I’m so thankful that you all are not afraid to show up and replay too! I think this is a fan favorite moment because you get to see me live of course. The response after every call especially is amazing. Your favorite fan live call was actually a Make It Happen call.  I gave you all homework to do that evening. I received tons of emails with photos of everything you were making happen. Your  #1 Fan favorite webinar was You Have It In You.

Celebration of Success articles clothing line Client Photo shoot. Our very 1st fan photo shoot with our new clothing label Success Articles! Whoop! Whoop! The support was incredible. The photos turned out great. We gave out free shirts and freebies. This is a fan favorite because it was just so much fun and it involved family. We had shirts for all the family members of all sizes. We laughed. We loved. We encouraged. We inspired…because that’s the Thoughtful Inspirations family way!

1st year celebration. Another fan favorite 🙂 It was our 1st year in business party. We had the most beautiful cake and we gave out M&Ms with your favorite Thoughtful Inspiration’s quotes on them. You all loved it. This was one of your favorite moments because we got to celebrate one year together of inspiring fun and so many of you realized that you and your dreams had grown along with the company. I still remember how much those quote M&Ms were such a big hit, people still ask about them today lol. Talk about sweet inspiration!

It’s All About the Journey Ecourse.  This is another one of our shared favorites. It is an ecourse I created because people started going after their dreams and getting discouraged when setbacks happened.  So I went to work and created the It’s All About the Journey ecourse, designed for you to see your dreams in the beauty of all your successes, work, setbacks, problems, happiness, dead ends, and aha moments! The moment you all finished this course was monumental. It accelerated your dream progress and helped you create your dream life!

Our first quiz. Yes! As soon as I announced this quiz was on the site, you guys swarmed it, shared your results, and sent me emails about how amazing your experience was. Lol! It brought me so much joy. I will admit that I haven’t created any quizzes since then (I know, I’ve been slipping on that.) but this month I am planning something special. Sidenote: If you are wondering what quiz is she talking about you can take it by clicking here.

Never Give Up Activity. Your favorite download hands down! The activity that keeps on giving and the one that you hold dearest to your heart. If you don’t have it, you can download it here. You guys love this one the most because you said it’s something that reminds you of why you choose to never give up even in the moments where you don’t feel like it.

Want more insights?  You can download my quick wisdom tips that I’ve learned over the last 4 years here!

Cassandra Freeman