A Dream Funding Option You’ve Never Thought Of

Have you thought of this…


money for my goals

Getting other people to fund you. I’m not just talking about family and friends although we love their support too!

The funding option you can start using to build your dreams is crowdfunding.

There are so many options that you can choose from:

·Go Fund Me





start funding my dream

Crowdfunding sites came on the scene really big a few years ago. They helped idea creators share their passion projects and businesses with others. There have been so many success stories of people who have used crowdfunding to make their dreams happen. Here are some examples:

Mom Gets a Business

Patty Lennon used crowdfunding to fund her first conference. In less than two weeks she raised all the funds she needed for the conference. She often says, “Anyone can be successful at crowdfunding if they have a quality product or service they are passionate about and are willing to be open and honest about their need for help.” She not only raised all the money she needed for the conference but she also found 2 major companies that decided to partner up with her. 

Brenda Beener owner of Seasoned Vegan

She had no idea how she was going to have the money to open her restaurant. She started off with no money; until a customer mentioned crowdfunding to her. With the help of her son, daughter, and customers spreading the word they exceeded her goal of $20,000! She opened her doors and furnished her restaurant. She is living her dream!

Project Epic

A nonprofit organization sought out to supplement their current fundraising opportunities. They exceeded their goal of $25,000. They were able to secure those funds for special education instructors and students with special needs.

start funding my dream

Crowdfunding has been used by all types of family, friends, and business owners. From traveling abroad, funeral cost, school funding, to entrepreneurial ideas, everyone is using crowdfunding to fund their needs, desires, goals, and dreams.

That’s exactly why I’ve shared the above success stories with you. Because I want you to know that no matter what your passion is, it is possible! It can be done. If it has happened for someone else it can happen for you too! If you hasn’t happened to anyone, you WILL be the 1st! You just have to believe and take action.

Give this funding opportunity a try…

Cassandra Freeman