Goal Distractions That Sneak Up On You

Do distractions keep you from achieving your goals...


goal distractions

You are not alone.

Everyone gets distracted but it's how you handle those distractions that determine whether you handle your goals like a boss.

How do Goal Bosses handle distractions? A Goal Boss handles distractions by calling them out and confronting them. It's something about understanding that you are not alone. It empowers you to know that others are going through the same thing you are going through. 

It unites us.

It also reveals to you, others who have overcome the same setbacks. It gives you the power to know that if they can overcome it, so can I. And even if they haven't done it yet, let me be the first to pave the way! You must know that you are an overcomer of distractions!

So here are some goal distractions to watch out for:

  • Social media-Ever visit Facebook or any other social media outlet in response to a notification and get caught up? You must remember to use social media with a purpose. A great place to start using Facebook with purpose is with our Goal Boss Facebook group. You get to socialize, achieve your goals, and have fun while doing it! If you are just hanging out in your timeline always make sure that you plan your time. Place limits on yourself. And stop yourself when you see you have spent far too much time on it.

Need help identifying your purpose?

  • Random calls that interrupt your moments of flow-  Moments of flow are extremely important for your goal acceleration. Place your phone on do not disturb so that you can use your most focused energy on your goals instead of trying to get off the phone with random callers.

Flow-  When you are engaged in an activity where you are focused, nothing else matters, and the next steps come seamlessly.

  • Irrelevant visitors-Ever been in the middle of a task and get a visitor who won't catch the hint that you are nicely trying to tell them that you have something to do? You must protect your time and your dream. 

Set the proper boundaries you need so that people who distract you don't derail you.

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  • Household Chores-Ever find something else to do other than your goals just because you don't feel like taking action on them right now. It's something you may do in order to procrastinate on your goals. Avoid this. Find your motivation triggers, discover your procrastination triggers, and you will find yourself mastering your ability to take action. Need help understanding triggers? I just did a Facebook Live training in the Goal Boss Facebook Group about it. You can watch it here. SN: You have to answer a two quick questions about your goals first.
  • Television, Hulu, Netflix, Binge watching- Unless this is a part of your goals to watch as much television as possible then you have to ask yourself a serious question. Do I have time to watch tv? And what is this doing for my goals? Am I really relaxing? Or am I simply entertaining myself, so that I won't have to fix myself?
  • Web Browsing- Got caught up in googling something and went from site to site digesting the information? It happens to a lot of people, more than you think. Start off by giving yourself a time limit to search.  This will often remind you when you look at the clock that you've spent far too much time searching and not enough time executing.
  • Online Shopping- Are you an online shopper? Maybe you are shopping around for a gift when you are really supposed to be working on your goals. If you know that you are going to need more time, schedule it in. That way you won't be stealing your goal pursuing time for shopping time.

Know anymore distractions? Share a distraction that I've kept out of the list below in the comments.

Cassandra Freeman