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In life we find things that can and do give us immediate pleasure.  We end up spending our money on things that decreases our happiness after one use. Then we regret our purchase as we remember the things we truly want. It’s not that we don’t have the money to do the things we long to do. It is that we…

Confuse those things that will give us short term happiness as things that will give us long term happiness.

I believe we can have the things, events, and experiences that we long to have when we both recognize impulse buys and are willing to exchange those short term pleasures for long term benefits. Here are some tools that you can use to remember what you truly want to spend your money on:


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A Money Mantra– I recently read this book called Smart Women Finish Rich: 9 Steps to Achieving Financial Security and Funding Your Dreams and it walked me through creating my money mantra.  I was able to establish what my money values are so that when I come against an impulse buy I ask myself does this purchase align with my values (and my budget). Then I act accordingly. I had never written a Money Mantra or my Money values until I read that book. It was suggested to me by Bola at Clever Girl Finance (who is pretty wonderful by the way). That book changed the way I view my purchases and changed the way I save for my dreams.

Great Money Apps – I enjoy using apps like Penny and Mint. There are so many more apps that are useful as well. Find an app that makes you spend time with your money. You can learn where it’s going versus where you want it to go.

A Wealth Plan – Many people use a budget. I know I sure do! I just refuse to call it that though. Calling it a budget just sounds like something that I don’t want to touch or work on. I recommend you calling your budget what it is, or what you want your end result to be. For example, I call my budget my Wealth Plan because I use it to create wealth. You can call yours whatever you choose it to be, but make it about you and want you want. It will be easier to use it, abide by it, and really execute your money goals.


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Accountability Partners – I love my accountability partners. They understand your money mistakes and still cheer you on. They remind you of what your money focus is. When you find an accountability partner, you find the direction and encouragement that you can’t find on your own. You can find your accountability partner in this program called Clever Girl Academy. It’s a great program that taught me a lot about myself and money, how to take control of it, and how I could finally succeed building the wealth I yearn for!

A Savings Account – When you have a savings account that you can immediately transfer money to but can’t touch, you can use this as a set up to spend money on the things you really want long term. What I do is take things that I would have spent my money on (impulse buys) and transfer that money to my savings. That way I am rerouting that money towards my long term goals and I see massive savings growth! The money is exactly where I want it to be and it is in alignment with my money values.

I know initially you may think these are not the quick fixes that I was looking for. Where are the get rich quick solutions? I’m so glad you asked. These solutions are long term solutions that work! Once you take action, you will begin to see your money, your mindset, and your dreams grow and soar to the highest of heights. Now get to work saving!

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