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Have you ever wondered what God’s Dream For Your Life was? Or how to get more clarity about your purpose in life? Sometimes we can know what God’s Dream is for our life and still get confused. That’s the beauty of the journey. That even when we think that maybe this big vision is too much for me or that I’m not sure if I can really do this...its when we think those thoughts and we still find the courage to move beyond them...that’s the beauty of the journey and the beauty of what it means to never give up.

Today, I want to take you behind the scenes of one of my free ecourses at Never Give Up Academy called God’s Dream For Your Life. Out of all of my free ecourses this one is my favorite because it really brings clarity about how God feels about your dream journey and how to get through when times gets tough. See when we visualize our dream in our mind, we see it at its best. Then when hard times come we get nervous that our reality won’t match up to our vision. But our immediate results won’t match our long term vision. Because your dream is meant to be a journey full of ups and downs, twists and turns, hills and valleys, setbacks and celebrations. That’s why so many people love my It’s All About the Journey ecourse because it prepares you for your ultimate vision and your dream’s present reality.

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So what’s all the excitement about God’s Dream For Your Life ecourse? It’s all about:

Who you are with! Gather with you some amazing women who are pursuing the things and experiences that you are too. Build lifelong friends with people who really get you!

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Learn and master the 6 dream steps! You will be leaps and bounds ahead of the rest! Trust me when I say that these dream steps you learn in class will prepare you for your dream journey and save you from not living the life you dream of even when times get hard.

Apply and put into practice all that you’ve learned! The class exercises and quizzes are designed to make you begin walking in your dream and applying the dream steps to your life instantly!

Use the provided dream resources to develop your dream! And all participants receive a dream consult! Wow! At the end of the session I help you create your dream plan and strategy.

lets chat about your dreams

Grow your dream and minimize fear to the smallest degree! Increase your belief by understanding each part of your journey and grow your confidence.

Be equipped with the right dream tools to get you through hard times! No longer let setbacks and hardships keep you from pursuing your dreams. You get step by step processes on how to deal with your dream problems, difficulties, and dead ends.​

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Keep believing in the success you dream of!

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