The Kindest Gestures to Make Towards Businesses You Love

How do you show your kindest gestures to the businesses you love…

We all have our favorite businesses. A few days ago I went to Walgreens. I overhead the staff celebrating the kindest gestures some customers had provided them and I thought, great businesses serve us all the time.  As consumers of each other we should work a bit harder at recognizing when a company of staff member goes out of their way to help us. So I thought that I would give you a few ways you can celebrate your favorite companies.

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You can tag them. Most of the time we post what we are doing. But make sure you also add the company to your post so that you can share you great experience.  Others will thank you in the long run to for recommending a company that provides an amazing experience and a place where they can be served with pleasure.

Leave a review. This one is a biggie because usually people rush to leave a review when they are angry. They do it fast and with passion too!  Sometimes in situations like that it’s usually a misunderstanding that could have been handled with a bit of clarity and communication. Whenever you walk out of a store, pleasantly thankful about your experience, write a review. Do it. This will create a longer lasting happiness experience for you. It will bring so much joy to the company, which will increase the likelihood for better company experiences for everyone.

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Take a photo if you can and look for other great photo moments. Maybe you have a product you love or a great bond with a staff member. Capture it and share it. Customers love seeing Kodak moments from the friends they are connected to and the brands they know and love.

Be a great tipper. I hope this goes without saying but you should definitely tip. And if you really love the service tip well. This will show the staff that they are doing a great job.

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Leave an appreciative note on the receipt. This is one of my favorite things to do! I do this all the time at restaurants. Do not leave an inappropriate note.  It helps to build a strong relationship with the staff and creates the best atmosphere when you are out having fun! Leave a note that expresses thankfulness and how awesome the person is. It will uplift the staff and I promise they will remember you for your thoughtfulness.

Talk to them. Make suggestions that you think would improve their business. It will help them serve you and other customers so much better.

Recommend them. It’s easy as ever to share a recommendation on Facebook or social media. People want to go to a business that treat them well and a place that they can have a great experience at.


Cassandra Freeman