She Added One Thing into Her Life and Manifested 3 Published Books

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Have you ever sat on an idea for years that you were nervous about putting out into the world? 

It happens to the best of us.

We have an idea. We don't exactly know the what to do because we've never done it before and we feel like it's probably outside of our reach.

We wonder it couldn't be possible for me, could it?

This is what one of my clients thought before she published three books! What was the difference between her before she published and after? What was the missing gap in her equation that accelerated her success?

Read her story to find out more...

caretta gallowway

I've had my brand new book "Pain in the Pew" in the making for 2 years. Two years is a long time to want to live a dream that you see the results so clearly but you are too nervous to move forward and too afraid of taking the next step.  I made all of the excuses in the world of why I couldn't go forward and of why I couldn't do it. It's like the uncertainty just made everything so far out of my reach. 

Never let uncertainty steal your dreams.-Cassandra Freeman

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Then I had a talk with Cassandra and followed her directions. Her programs gave me clarity, confronted by disbelief in my dreams, and walked me through my dream journey to publish my books. Not only did her programs hold me accountable literally every step of the way but they also encouraged me to speak life into myself until I "Made it happen"!  

I made my dream happen with Cassandra's accountability and encouragement. That was the missing ingredient.

I can't thank you enough, Cassandra for being such a great motivator through your business Thoughtful Inspirations!!!

And you can do the same for yourself too! Don't allow fear of the uncertain or not knowing how-to, keep you from your achieving the more you want in life. Get the accountability and encouragement you need to accelerate your success today. Start living your dream life now!

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Cassandra Freeman