“If a mother of 4 boys can still study in her house, we all need to listen to what she has to say! Cassandra Freeman has made the impossible, possible! With the tips from this book, I now have plans to buy a Livescribe pen and my kids are becoming a part of my learning instead of something else to take care of before I can study.”
~Ayana Brown


“I received my book Study Skills for Parents yesterday and read it this morning. Great job on your first book. I will be using your tips as I begin work on my doctorate this fall. I believe the timing of me receiving your book is just confirmation for me to move forward with another one of my long term dreams. I’ve been on the phone with the graduate counselor this week and my biggest concern was making this work with everything else I have going on right now. Like you, my family is my priority, so when I received your book on Friday, I really felt like God was saying ‘Yes!’ You opened the book with one of my favorite quotes and introduced me to a new favorite, the one by Henry David Thoreau. I’ll be using that!”

~Tanisha Dixon


“I love how positive you are! It’s so uplifting and encouraging to see your blogs, tweets, and posts come across my news feed! If your presence can touch someone online, I can not imagine the happiness you bring to those around you. Your products are great, they are a daily reminder for me to keep going, keep pushing, and never give up! Thank you so much!”
~Jamila Freeman



“I love my inspirational thoughts calendar! It has my goals in order and helps keep me focused on achieving them.”
~Shawnae Bryant


“What impressed me most about the Goal Calendar Were the affirmations she included-affirmations that were Specific to my goals. Because of these affirmations, I was able To stay focused during the year and accomplish 10 out of the 12 goals I’d set. The calendar was colorful, practical, and a Pleasure to view. I still get motivated just looking through it.”
~Mechelle Luster


“For any parent having a hard time studying with their kids around, Study Skills Is a breath of fresh air. It’s a quick read filled with ideas that are easy to implement. Even non-parents like myself can benefit from the helpful study tips, such as maximizing “Alone” time (pg. 10), listening to mp3 audios while driving (pg. 24), and getting the kids to Quiz you (pg. 17). Study Skills is easy-to-read and practical; I highly recommend it”
~Mechelle Luster