The Problem with Empowerment Conferences

We all want to love empowerment conferences but....


the problem with empowerment conferences

First, let me start off by saying, I love conferences. I enjoy attending everything from empowerment, business, to leadership conferences. I believe that you should invest in yourself by attending them and that in order for a person to stay inspired you have to get into different surroundings.

Conferences of all natures are good for that.

Not only do I attend conferences, I also speak at them

But there is a problem with Empowerment conferences and really all of them.  Most people blame it on the hosts of the event.  They say the hosts of these conferences only provide fluff and then here comes the sales pitch.  They also say that the only purpose of these events is for people to sell them stuff.

Let me set the record straight here...

The problem with empowerment conferences is not the fluff or the sales pitch.  Inspiration, empowerment, motivation, and leadership are what people call fluff concepts because they don't feel like they haven't gotten anything "real" from them,  but it's what you do with them that makes them real. None of these concepts are tangible items, they are all abstract until they are put to use. It's all about putting them into action in your life and making them cause change, thus creating action you can see and something that is tangible.

And the sales pitch...entrepreneurs sell. You all know this. The thoughtful way to handle it, is to appreciate their gift and purchase what they offer, recommend it to someone, if you feel they need to improve then give them suggestions (isn't that what empowerment is all about, helping people be better), or if it doesn't meet your needs find something that does. 

The problem with Empowerment conferences are these things:

  • You are not applying the information.  Did you know that one of the things that Tony Robbins said that sets him a part from most people is that he applies what he learns? How many times have you taken tons of notes, got the binder, and book from a conference and actually read, reread, or applied the information? I bet you have at least one binder that you haven't touched in months or years. How can you apply what you don't learn? Learning takes times. You can't expect to master it after you hear it one time. You must hear it over and over again.  So take out your binders, books, notes, and audio recordings and get to learning and applying.  The truth is that with/without the sales pitch you have a wealth of information in front of you. It's time to use it!
  • You experienced temporary change. The host is not the cause of your temporary change, you are. It's time for people to start taking responsibility for their change. These conferences are a great environment to initiate change but the hard work starts when you get home back into your comfort zone. To maintain your change takes effort, but the more empowerment you get in you, the more you gain the inspiration you need to change long-term. Getting constant empowerment grows your mindset to make your dream life happen. Unfortunately, for many people instead of growing motivated you've been growing bitter because you feel like you have wasted time and money going to a conference where you didn't get the answers that you seek. But you did get something. You got inspiration, motivation, and the what that you need to move forward. Do you have to invest in their products and services if you want to know the how? Absolutely. So find someone you trust to invest in and get better, don't get bitter.
  • There's no accountabilityBoth during and after the conference there is minimal to no accountability.  That's why change is so difficult to do long-term and that's why the application of new information is hard to follow up on because their is no accountability. Accountability keeps you moving forward. When you have someone to hold you accountable, who celebrates you when you succeed, but supports you (sometimes gives you tough love when you need it) when you fall short, it makes success a more effective and efficient journey. Some people make friends with people at conferences but hardly ever keep in touch and when they do keep in touch it is more of a social call. Instead, you must grow your professional network of accountability partners.  Don't sell to them at first either, build a relationship. You all need to work together to help each other succeed. Ask one another to look over everyone's notes together and compare them. Form a book club with some of the attendees there and read a book you purchased from the conference together. Talk about what you have learned and what you will apply this week.

Apply what you've learned: Before this week ends, identify at least one conference you want to go to. Then come up with a strategy to apply it, experience long-term change, and hold yourself accountable.

Want to create lasting change? Celebrate your success and be pushed to achieve the goals you desire?

Keep believing in the success you dream of!

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Cassandra Freeman