What’s Your Dream State of Health?

Are your dreams and goals running a fever? What’s your dream’s health?

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Just like our bodies have to be cared for and nurtured, so do our dreams and goals. What you put into your body to give you the health you need is just as important as supplying your goals with a healthy mindset and the necessary resources you need to succeed. Here are some questions you can begin to ask yourself in order to assess the health of your goals and dreams:

1. Do you have big dreams? What does your dream weigh? What is the value of your dream to you? What is your dream worth to you? Many times we can underestimate our dream’s value and therefore feel like it’s not worth the sacrifice.  No matter what the size, your dreams matter.

2. What’s the height of your goal? Is it a tall grande goal? Whatever your dream is, it’s yours. It fits you. Don’t undervalue your dream because of its height.

3. What unhealthy symptoms are showing up as you pursue your dreams? Are you experiencing fear, doubt, excuses? Name your symptoms.

4. What is your dream’s health regimen? How do you nurture it? For your body this might be drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep at night. How do you go after your dreams? Do you read? Connect with others in your field? Visualize your success? Decide on your dream health regime so that you can build the success you crave. Want the full assessment? You can get it here.

Get Your Dream Health Assessment Here!

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