Worried About Paying For Your Purpose?

Your purpose planning can be stress free with this...


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There is a real dilemma when it comes to building dreams. You are determined, you believe, and you are ready to achieve that great big vision you have in your heart. Your passion is strong and you know your purpose without a doubt.

Then you run into a problem…you lack the funds to move forward.

Funding your purpose begins with tracking your purpose or your purpose planning. You must know where you are so that you can plan how to get where you want to be. Once you track your purpose you will know what resources and the financial necessities your dreams need to succeed.

You cannot build something without first counting the cost.

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By tracking your purpose, you form a plan to move based on the activities of your purpose. This allows you to know how much money you need to move forward and ultimately become the person you crave to be in your future.

How do you track your purpose? You write down all of the tasks you need to do in order to start building your dreams and strengthening your purpose. I've made this easy for you with the Purpose Tracker Checklist. You can get access to it here.

So how do you use your Purpose Tracker Checklist? It's so easy and very exciting for the person who is just starting off on their dreams or looking to discover their purpose.

All you do is:

1.Download the Checklist.

2.It downloads instantly.

3.Check off each purpose activity you complete.

4.If you need any help feel free to email at beinspired@thoughtfulinspirations.com

So you might be asking, Cassandra, Does it really take all of that?

The answer is yes, absolutely! If it's not measured, it doesn't matter. And this is a big truth,…your dreams matter. So you must accept that gone are the days when your dreams were optional and unmeasured.

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It's time to take your dreams and goals seriously. It's time to measure your progress, know where you are on your journey right now, and know where you want to be. Take action! Then start funding your dreams and start doing the most unbelievable things you feel that you were born to do.

Don’t worry here’s a solution…

Cassandra Freeman