13 Greatness Lessons from the Queen’s Gambit Series

Looking for a movie to get lost in. Don’t miss this one ….

I love movies I can get lost in. You know a show or movie is good when you hate the fact that it’s about to end.

That’s how I felt about watching the Queen’s Gambit. Thirty-three minutes left until the ending and I was thinking to myself nooooooooo…I can’t believe it’s over.

Here are a few success secrets I learned while watching it (because I was literally typing excitedly as I was watching):

1. She studied. Most people don’t read enough. They’ve stopped learning. Remember ideas are found in books. Solutions are found in books. Growth occurs when you begin ingesting new information. If you want to achieve anything, start reading in the direction you want to go in.

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3. She took risks for her passion. You are not always going to be certain of what the next steps are. You have to know that you are courageous enough to take the next step without certainty but with hope.

2. She envisioned chess consistently. She saw her every movement, every competitor’s move, and every scenario. This is so important to do because there is magic in your vision. You must keep seeing it through. Go through the steps, think through solutions, and see your obstacles and successes.

4. She connected with others who were as passionate as her. She learned from them and they learned from her. She often joined environments where like-minded people were. She attracted people who thought like her by being true to the passions that called her and that she was interested in.

Never give up academy

5. She prioritized her passion. She knew what she was interested in. She didn’t allow anyone to shy away from her interest. Being true to herself was her strength. It allowed her to teach others about who she was, instead of allowing others to change who she was. So know who you are and with roaring confidence share yourself with the world.

6. She talked about it and analyzed it constantly. Are you the ultimate student of yourself? Do you aim to compare yourself to yourself and no one else? Why did I bring that up? I brought that up because so many of you are preoccupied with studying and comparing yourself to others that you have no time to focus on what you want to do. What are you talking about in your conversations? When was the last time you worked through your passion problem and envisioned solutions.

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Don’t be one of those people who give up so easy or get frustrated too easily when things don’t work out the way you hope that they will. Learn this lesson from the Queen Gambit. Focus through your frustration and find a solution.

7. Don’t allow your distractions to overwhelm you and outshine your purpose. In the Queen’s Gambit, Beth did get distracted, but what I love about her is that she had support for her distractions and her weaknesses. As we strive to live out our dreams and best life, we will all find those things that distract us and throws us off our game. The goal must be for us to continuously master ourselves while we receive help from our like-minded support group. You know that you have reached dream maturity when you can say no to the distractions that usually hold you back.

8. She played every chance she got. What do you do with the time you have? I know that binge-watching your favorite Netflix shows can be enticing (I literally just watched the Queen’s Gambit). The most productive dream building activities you can do is to practice and continue to work so that you can fully engulf yourself with your vision.

9. She surrounded herself with people who knew her heart and who knew who she was deep down. They reminded her of who she was and all that she had the potential to be. Do you have people who remind you to never give up? When you feel like giving up, do they tell you, “No ma’am/sir, you better dust yourself off and get back up. I am not letting you give up.” If not, I just did.

10. Don’t allow others to dictate your schedule. At the end of the movie, everyone was trying to book up Beth’s schedule and she amazingly said, “No thank you, not today (Yes I am paraphrasing).” I love that because most of us would have went with it but as always, she chose her passion. The last thing I want to leave you with is to stay committed and loyal to the schedule you want and create. It’s your dream life. Build it!

    Cassandra Freeman