3 Ways to Make Your Vision a Reality

“How do I make my dream become a reality?”  It’s a question that excites
us, intimidates us, and sometimes even paralyzes us all at once.  So how do
you overcome your obstacles? How do you begin to see your ultimate dreams
come true?  
Below are 3 ways you can begin to turn your most desired dreams
into a reality!

 vision into reality

1. You have to write it down, paste it down, and make it plain.  It is important to get something

concrete on paper, poster board, or anything else you can get your dream written or drawn on.

The moment you write your dream down it becomes something that is possible! This is

so important.  Once your dream moves from your heart and mind onto paper it becomes a

possible goal.


2. Count the cost.  As you begin to write your goal down, think about what it will take for you to

accomplish your goal.  Think about all of the resources you already have at hand and things you

can use around you to improvise with. Remember you already have everything you need to start

taking steps towards fulfilling your dream.  Think about how you can wake up earlier, go to bed later,

what supplies you need to gather, and what experts can you connect with that you could gain insight



3. Do something, do anything that you can do to act on your written goal.  Taking action

right now will build up your momentum to move forward on your dreams. As you are reading this I want

you to take these steps right now! Get out a piece of paper and start writing…just allow the ideas to flow.  

Take off all limits, all boundaries, remove all

doubts and hesitations, and write down your



Leave a comment below that you took action! 

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    Cassandra Freeman