5 Things Wonder Woman Can Teach You About Building Dreams

Wonder woman is a grand example of building dreams, let me show you how...


wonder woman

Wonder Woman is a great movie! And besides its ability to be amazingly entertaining; there are also tons of life lessons that can be learned from it. Anyone who wants to begin living their dream life can learn these lessons:

Find your flow. Have you found the activity that stirs up the passion in you? This is something that you get lost in doing for hours because you just love it so much. This is the thing you put your everything into because you are focused, you are in the zone, and you are so in tune that nothing can stop you. You are in the right place and loving every minute. What is that activity for you? What is it that you get lost in and makes you tune out everything around you...because the only thing that matters is that you are there doing what you love.

wonder woman

Be determined with pursuing your desired outcome. Ask for what you want relentlessly. Take risks. Don’t you dare stop on the first "no." Did you know that you should be thankful for people who say "no" to you? They lead you to your yes! This is an indirect lesson on how to be better, how to be more strategic, and how to grow your character.

  • Get determined about your dream so much that you neglect every distraction.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • Get empowered for your dreams.
  • Advocate for your dreams and let no, "no" stand in your way.​

Adapt to your environment without losing who you are. Know who you are and what you stand for. Don’t be afraid to immerse yourself in a new environment. Your dreams are going to take you places that you can hardly even imagine. Just remember you are there to respect your new environment but also to show the world you and your big dream are there and ready to change the world.

wonder woman

There will be some pain along the way but it will make your stronger.  We all encounter setbacks, failures, and pain along the journey towards our dreams but you can’t allow that to keep you from moving forward. We must strive to learn from our mistakes. The lessons learned will turn into solutions that bring about the success that we long to achieve. Also, there is purpose in pain. You find out more about who you are and why you do what you do. So no matter what you encounter along the way, don’t let pain stop you from achieving your dreams.

Stay ready! You will be given big opportunities to show your talents.Your time is coming! You better believe it! But you can’t wait until opportunity shows up to get ready. You’ve got to stay ready. That means that right now, today; in this moment; you need to be making plans to stay ready with that business pitch, ready with that business plan, ready with a mockup of your invention, ready with a copy of your book or a chapter, ready with your business card, or ready with your dream budget, ready, ready, ready! Your big opportunity is on its way. Train hard and stay ready!

These are 5 dream big lessons that you won’t want to miss…

    Cassandra Freeman