A Key Ingredient to Maximizing Your Prayers

Build confidence in your prayers knowing this…

prayer card

As believers, we all have confidence in Christ. We pray, we confess, and we believe. One of the things I think that pushes us away from seeking God first on every occasion, is that we pray and we confide in Him but as soon as things are back to normal we forget about whether our prayers were actually answered or not. We may take a moment to thank God and celebrate whatever answer or solution came to be but we too easily forget the abundance of answered prayers we have been through. We truly live in answered prayer overflow and we usually don’t even see it.

This is why it was pressed upon me to create this downloadable Prayer card. So that you can see and remember exactly when your prayers are answered. You can even see how many prayers have been answered.

prayer card
Top: Front of card. Botton: Back of Card

I feel like this is a perfect time for Prayer cards. In a time when we are all praying for healing, guidance, and strength to get through the discomfort of times, we will all be able to see our prayers answered once this is all over. Then we will be able to look back, see, remember, and be grateful for our answered prayers.

I’ve actually been tracking my answered prayers for awhile. Every time I look back on my answered prayers, I am so amazed at all that God has done that I had completely forgotten about but yet He was still working. You can download your Prayer card here for free, and print as many as you like. Simply print them out and tape or glue both sides together. Then, write your prayers down, with a title (a bible verse works great for confession here too), and add the date. Once your prayer is answered you can check it off. Through it all, we can continue to celebrate God’s goodness and faithfulness.

    Cassandra Freeman