Adversity Examples That Will Change How You View Hardships

An excerpt from my upcoming book Adversity Advantage…

Adversity is not the enemy.  Adversity is really the coach in the ring, in the corner with us; helping us fight against the enemy within ourselves.Cassandra D Freeman

Adversity is the coach that stirs you up.

If you have ever seen those Rocky movies. Oh my gosh, I love everything about those movies from the story of their creation to the finished products. The story of Rocky is the essence of what it means to never give up and having a coach who stirs up the greatness in you. You see, a great coach makes you uncomfortable. A great coach stirs up your greatness and pushes you beyond what you think your boundaries are.

Matter of fact, one of the things that I love about my own personal trainer Doneshia Crowder is that she pushes me. She helps me look adversity in the eye. With every hard push up, lounge, and exercise she uses them all to help me strengthen my body and my mind’s weak areas. Every step I take through her guidance, I overcome my weak areas and get closer to becoming my best self.

But that’s adversity’s job and that’s why it’s so important to partner with it.

When you are comfortable, you aren’t stirred up. When you are comfortable, things are sitting in you. They’ve sunk to the bottom of your mind because they know that you don’t need them while you are in your comfort zone.

But what you do need is adversity. Because adversity stirs up the gift inside you so that it can readily be used on the offense. You may not know how to use it but it has the opportunity to reveal itself to you.

Have you ever seen movies with the fictional character Percy Jackson in them? My children and I love that series. Percy has no idea of the amazing gifts in him. He didn’t know at all about his gifts. But when trouble came, they were revealed to him. It’s interesting that up until trouble hit, he doubted himself because he hadn’t been stirred up. But once trouble hit, he trusted that whatever was in him would come out in the most amazing ways. And it did. Of course in his story, he had magical powers. While our “powers” are the gifts, talents, and skills that we possess that we either don’t know that we have or we don’t think they are good enough. Adversity is there to prove us wrong. It helps us see that our gifts are more than enough. It helps us see that what’s in us is greater than what’s in front of us.

Within the core of adversity, lines your greatness strength. It’s within that core that you learn more about yourself through your actions, thoughts, and words; than at any other time. I’ve never been inside a tornado but the stories I’ve heard about it consist of how the outside of the tornado is the worst, while the core is the calmest. The core of your adversity is what reveals your greatest strength.

Like a good coach, adversity helps you rise to the occasion.  It pushes on your limitations and vulnerabilities. It tests you to see when and if you are ready for the next level.  Adversity looks for the opportunity when you are most prepared to evolve, to elevate yourself to the next level. To do this it must push on all of your raw places in order to get them ready to grow, heal, and be strengthened. Adversity wants you to go to the next level!  It needs you to go to the next level because it always has more for you to learn and experience.  It is everyone’s best teacher because adversity always expects the best out of us at every test and it is always willing to pass out retests.  Adversity knows it must do whatever it takes to help you rise to the place you are meant to be. So instead of running away from adversity and complaining about the struggle you are in…I want you to push, to think, to form solutions, to meet adversity face to face and let adversity see and know that you are ready to rise!

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    Cassandra Freeman