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TAKE what you NEED


I’m starting my BRAND new movement! It’s called the Want VS Need: Take What You Need Around with You! I am elated because I want you all to join in with me! Here is what you have to do:

1) When you are choosing your daily todos, ask yourself what do I need to do instead of want to do. Especially when you feel your day merging in another direction!

2) With your purchases, only purchase things that you need. If its something you want, instead choose to Use the resources you already have.

3) Eliminate time wasters! Did you get distracted? Did you talk far too long and now have found that you got little to nothing done? Learn to schedule that fun time and don’t confuse work, rest, and play.

I am also excited because I will be doing giveaways!!! so keep checking back on my blog for your chance to win some goodies! I am so happy to be sharing this activity with you. It will be on ongoing for 2 weeks. So it will end on September 23rd!

Be blessed everyone and don’t ever give up! Keep fighting, keep your focus, and keep moving forward because the best is yet to come!!!