How to Get Motivation to Workout

Let’s talk about some workout motivation and science

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I’ve recently been doing some work, working on a new motivation workout course to help people stay motivated to achieve the workout goals until they’ve reached success. It’s something my personal trainer Doneisha and I have been working on. So, I felt that it was important to do because since 2018 I’ve been celebrating my Healthaversary and loving it!

Plus, since my passion is to help people never give up on achieving their goals, it seems like the logical next step to help them understand how and why (the psychological understanding) to get and stay motivated to have a healthy lifestyle.

So, let’s go ahead and begin with the big question that everyone always asks, how do you stay motivated to work out or even find the motivation to workout?

In my industry and within myself, the answer has always been you just do it. Then when you don’t feel like it, you do it anyway. Well, this still holds true, but I’ve always hated giving this answer because it just didn’t seem as helpful as it could be.

But I still wanted to go deeper. So I delivered my book the Little White Lie, which helped you all overcome the phrase “I don’t feel like it” in order to become more discipline to act.

But it still wasn’t enough for me…

So here we are…again.

I’ve been studying the motivation cycle and what it says is that needs/arousal ->(leads to) drive -> incentive -> and then your goal.

So what I found is that most people lose their arousal or need to workout. They know it’s there a little but most people; including myself, need for our need to workout or our arousal to workout to be in our faces.

We need a constant reminder to make it a priority.

But here’s where it gets good (I know it’s already good, but it’s about to be on and seriously popping!)

motivation to workout

Once you reestablish the need or arousal to workout, that’s when you can play with motivational intensity. This is my favorite new equation…

Motivational Intensity = Possibility + Required Effort

So the more you believe that you can do it and that you are able to meet the effort requirements; The more motivational intensity you can and will have.

That gets difficult though because most of us are used to telling ourselves we can’t. Yes, you’ve tried a handful of times. I get it. But…

How many incorrect experiments did Thomas Edison achieve while trying to build a lightbulb?

How many shots did Michael Jordan practice for his free-throw shot?

How many no’s did Steven King get trying to publish his novel?

A lot!

You are no different than any of those people who tried and tried again. The only difference is they continuously put forth the effort, they kept believing, and/or had supportive people to help them maintain their belief. You can do it too!

Stop dismissing yourself before you even try again. This could be your lightbulb moment!

lightbulb moment

Ok, so here’s a recap.

  1. Reestablish your need or arousal. For example, post up a photo of your end result or goal where you can see it all the time.
  2. Believe that you can do it. Yes, you can do it, trust me I know. If you need help believing sign up for Never Give Up Academy, it’s free.
  3. Ask yourself what is the required effort to achieve your goal and recognize that you have it in you.
  4. Stop telling yourself I can’t.
  5. Stop dismissing yourself. You are strong, anything positive is possible for you.

    Cassandra Freeman