Life Lessons Learned From the Bad Boys For Life Movie

What I learned from the Bad Boys for Life Movie that will uplevel your life…

With everything going on with is coronavirus, what have you been doing in your downtime? Do you have home projects that you’ve been doing? Schoolwork? Cooking? Netflixing while you chill (no Netflixing is not a word. Ha! I just made that up. I think I’ve been doing a little bit of everything. And for me, that includes watching almost everything that includes my favorite comedian Martin Lawrence. I absolutely love the Martin Lawrence show.

Martin Lawrence show
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Every few years I have decided that binging his show is a must for me. So with my Martin obsession, of course, I fell in love with the movie Bad Boys…all three of them.

Now if you have been following me for a while you already know how I love and learn so much from movies. Well, Bad Boys For Life is no exception! I try to learn something special from any and all experiences I have.

The first thing I learned is that no matter how low you get, there is always room for a comeback. No matter how hurt you are or how much you feel like you failed, you can always come back. We seem to fail a few times and think that there is nothing else that we can do but that is just not true. So I’m here to tell you that no matter how many times you have failed, there is still a chance for you. Your failures are moving you closer to your success. Keep going. You do have to capacity to bounce back stronger and better.

You also have to assess where fear are taking you. I won’t give away parts of the movie for people who haven’t seen it. I will say that there are many instances in life where our feelings, especially our fears lead us to unknown places. We want to go in one direction towards our goals and dreams and then our fears cause us to do a U-turn and then take us in a direction where we are often blind to where we are and where we are going. When you are pursuing your dreams, don’t allow your fear to take your focus off the road ahead. Remind fear that you are the driver of your destiny and your fear needs to stay in the back seat.

Next, if you don’t deal with your past, it can come back unresolved and even stronger. When you are able to confront the issues that hold you back from fulfilling the goals you want in life it releases your full potential and attention. You can give your all to your future because you are not left thinking of guilty, failure, or anger. You can release that old weight, in order to carry the new healthy weight that is going to take to you new levels of success.

Finally, don’t be afraid to share your authentic story. You have no idea how powerful your story is. Your story and being your authentic self will give others the courage to do the same. You also attract like-minded people into your space. Sharing your authentic story gives you the confidence and boldness to change the world on your terms!

Want more on this topic? I’ve designed a few personalized Bad Bad for Life personal growth exercises for you to apply to your life. Ready to take your life to the next level? Click here and let’s do this!

    Cassandra Freeman