New Year New You

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I have heard lost of opposing opinions related to the phrase new year new you or new you new year. While I completely understand someone saying that a new year doesn’t make a new you I think they are missing the point a bit.

Whether I am telling myself a New Year, New You or whether I am telling my clients, it is not meant to sound like this instant transformation that means you will be a different person.

What it means is that you…

Commit to being better than you were before.

Every year, I get my single candle in handle and take a picture. It’s a prayer I say every year at midnight to recommit to a new year full of things I hesitated to do, was afraid to do, and neglected to do for whatever reason (maybe I forgot). The point is, I make a renewed commitment to myself that I will be better without apology. And I will do better and stretch myself towards my vision.

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So it’s not about magically becoming another person. It’s about deciding that despite all that happened in the previous year that I will get back up and try again to be my best self, the best version of myself.

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So I will leave you with this. Who do you want to be at the end of this year? Who will you call yourself? What do you commit to being?

Join the discussion. What does the phrase new year new you mean to you? Share your opinion below.

    Cassandra Freeman