Here’s what you need to know about motivation and where to find it

This is for you if you need the motivation to do…well…anything….

where to find your motivation

Motivation is a cycle. It starts with your need or desire and completes once you achieve your goal. When there is a need or arousal it activates your drive (what we know as motivation). It looks like this:

motivation cycle

And there’s more. There are four components of motivation. But for the purposes of this post, I only want to focus on two; persistence and intensity. These are like the bread and butter of motivation.

Persistence is how long you can maintain your drive.


Motivational Intensity is the concentration of drive you have.

Now I’m guessing you have a few questions. If you do, no worries, you can ask them below. In the meanwhile, let me mention a few questions that most people tend to ask.

So how do we improve persistence?

I am so glad you asked…

First, I have to introduce you to a chemical called dopamine. It is the “feel-good fuel“ that keeps us motivated. High levels of it are linked to long-term habits. You can increase dopamine by transforming your attitude and behaviors…and that’s basically your mindset and actions you decide to take guys.

Next question…

How can I be super driven?

I’m thrilled you asked! (For real y’all I’m excited like jumping up and down excited to answer this question)

But…before I answer this question, let me first share the motivational intensity theory that predicts that super driven mode you are referring to.

Motivational intensity is a function of the possibility of a task and the required effort that is justified.

I know…it’s a mouthful…Let me break it down with this equation:

Motivational Intensity = possibility + the required effort

Meaning, the more you believe that your goals are possible and are willing to accept the effort that’s required to achieve your goal; you can increase your intensity, your motivational intensity that is.

Is anyone else’s mind blown? Feel free to answer below ?

Now that you are equipped with that information here’s what you need to know while you pursue all of the positive goals you want in life.

1. To develop your persistence and intensity adjust your beliefs in the possibility that what you want to achieve is possible.

2. Create realistic deadlines. Not just careerwise, in your personal life too. It can be anything from I woke up on time to I published a book.

3. Break your goals down and into bite-size pieces. Literally, the more you achieve, the more you release dopamine, and therefore motivation.

4. Get encouragement and give encouragement. What you put out comes back to you. So give out lots of encouragement to yourself and to others and watch it return to you.

Last question…

I’m sure you want to know exactly where you can find motivation? That’s just it, it’s already inside you. And what I need you to realize is that it’s a cycle that you feed; that you nurture. What you put into the cycle is you get out of the cycle. So feed it belief, renew your need, and decide to act even when you may not feel like it.

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