Personal Goals Your Authentic Way…Guaranteed

Have you ever gotten impressed by someone else goals and started taking on their goals instead of your own…

personal goals

Have you ever experienced going to a workshop, webinar, or even just seeing other successful people on social media and thinking thoughts that alter your goals and dreams?  Whether you start to feel like you can’t do or you take a detour on your own personal goals and grasp onto theirs because somehow they have convinced you that if you want to be successful you should absolutely do it their way because that is going to make you the success you’ve been dreaming up.  The truth is how other people make it sometimes it can help you but other times you have to realize that it’s more their path than it is yours.

I want to talk to you about personal goals in your own authentic way. You are not alone. You are in good company trust me! I have allowed people to talk me into aiming to be a ka-trillionaire. And to be honest, it’s an amazing goal, who wouldn’t want to know what do to in order to achieve it? But what I found out in pursuing goals someone else’s way is that it makes you frustrated and it gets you out of your zone of genius. I am all for getting help. But what I have realized is that once you take on someone else’s goal things change. So how do you find and live out your personal goals in your authentic way?

  1. Take jealousy and envy out of the equation.  Jealousy is like a bright sun while you’re at driving. It keeps you from having clear focus on where you are going. That’s why you flip down the sun visor to block the sun. In real life, when dealing with your dreams and goals you should keep your goals or your vision board in front of you so that you can stay focused pass the sunshine of successful others. Your vision board should be your visor. Because sometimes if we are so focused their light, it shines so bright it distracts us from our own.
  2. Know who you are and what you truly want. What do you want? Where do you see yourself in your vision? When you get clear about who are you and what you want you can fully separate your goals from other people.  You can get clear about what you want through writing it down and looking at it every day. You can have a vision board. You can visualize your success every day. You also need to realize what your gifts are and how you want to use them. When you are focused on mastering your gift you are unlikely to covet every other glittering talent that walks by. Instead, you will feel the need to celebrate them!
  3. Stay focused on your best life and using that life to help others. When you choose to give your time and gifts to bless someone else you don’t have time to worry about how someone’s else goals compares to yours, or if their process is better than yours, or if you’d rather gain the rewards they have.  When you are taking time to custom make your own life and help others along the way, you tend to want to celebrate others instead of mimic them. So go ahead and schedule some fun experiences for yourself this year and take time to help someone else.

Personal goals your way means not being afraid to do the hard work and paving your own way for others in generations to come to be encouraged by you. It means that you not only write out your own story but you live it to the fullest too. So many times people get caught up in what others are doing. When the truth is you need to be caught up in what you are doing; while you all celebrate one another. When you get caught up in what you are doing, you won’t get distracted in what others are doing. Not to mention when you learn to stay in your own lane, you can truly help each other because you each realize your strengths and weaknesses. It’s hard to be a team when everyone is trying to play the same position on the field called life.

Trust in what God has called you to do and the person He has called you to be. Stay focused!

If you haven’t already started building your dreams. It’s time to stop and take action. No more waiting!

    Cassandra Freeman