The Key to Earning the Best Life You Crave

Sweaty palms, anxious, discomfort…how can any good come out of these things…

adversity advantage

They make us want to run and hide. Withdraw and stop moving forward.

How many times have you felt uncomfortable with a situation and you just wanted it to be over?

Unfortunately when we do that it harms us more than it helps us. There is this book called Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway. I love this title and all that it represents because it tells me that we need to learn to embrace the discomfort of fear and do that thing that we are afraid of.

I’m sure you have also heard of the term fearless. Be fearless! I will admit that I used to love that phrase. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that we are not without fear.  And to say that might confuse someone that they should not feel fear. In life when we experience problems, we do experience fear. But it’s what we do with that fear or nervousness that makes the difference.

Have you ever had to do something that made you afraid and super nervous? I have this saying that nervousness is just your stepping stone to your next upgrade. Because when you think about, when you do feel the fear and do it anyway, you gain so many benefits.

You gain:

  • The confidence of knowing you can do it!
  • Fear goes away and excitement enters.
  • You feel proud.
  • You realize that no one else even realized you were nervous or afraid.
  • You realize that everyone loved how you showed up.
  • You empower others to step outside of their comfort zone too!

So don’t be fearless. Be determined to get your upgrade. Be relentless in knowing that your greater is on the other side of this fog of fear. You are more and more is in you. So step to your nervousness, show up, and earn that best life you crave!

    Cassandra Freeman