What is a Prayer Card and Praise Party?

Join me for an evening of good news and celebration…

A Prayer Card Praise Party is an event where you get to release your cares and concerns in a fun and faith-filled way. There are joy-filled activities every step of the way. Three reasons you should attend include:

1. If you are even a tad bit worried about everything that’s going on.

2. If you need a little uplifting.

3. If news updates are getting on your nerves or making you nervous.

4. If you want to feel refreshed and energizer like you need to step away from everything that is going on…

The virtual prayer card, praise party is where you need to be!

Want to attend?

The party starts Friday, May 1st in the Never Gave Up Academy Life campus Facebook group at 6:30 pm. But first, make sure you download your Prayer cards. They are your entry ticket to the party.

See you there! The link will be announced soon!

    Cassandra Freeman