Who’s Speaking For You?

Don’t allow it to speak for you..

Do you have a goal or vision for yourself but find yourself speaking with uncertainty about it?

It used to happen to be a lot, especially during my workouts. It was like I mind had been pretrained to say without thinking “omg I can’t do this.” If this has ever happened to you (which I know it has if you are still reading) my two solutions for overcoming that was:

1. I had an amazing personal trainer who held me accountable. And it wasn’t just exercise accountability (FYI I have a new workout motivation course coming soon 😍) it was also mental and verbal accountability. She kept me in check and held me accountable for the negative words I didn’t even know that I was saying to myself half the time. So find someone who can hold you accountable.

2. I held myself accountable by changing the words I said to myself. Whenever I found myself speaking negatively, I immediately corrected myself. You will be amazed at how the words you say to yourself will transform the way you act and what your next steps are. Your progress really begins to accelerate when you tell yourself “I can” trust me!

But that’s not the focus of this post. (Sorry for the detour, I wanted to make sure you were equipped with proper strategies to transform your words.)

With this post, I want to go deeper. Because I want you to realize that just because the words come out of your mouth (or they are in your thoughts) does not mean they are true or helpful. Many times we speak to ourselves worse than we would speak to anyone else.

And that has got to stop.

When we are doing something challenging or that scares us we tend to talk from our:

1. Fears

2. Insecurities

3. Doubts

4. Uncertainties

Every time we speak from one the these four places we prevent ourselves from moving forward and we convince ourselves that we can’t do it.

We must change the narrative it we are going to become our beet selves and achieve all that we hope to succeed at.

So what are you allowing to speak for you? Are you telling yourself you can’t do it? Are you telling yourself you don’t know how or where to start? Let me know in the comments and let’s talk about it.

    Cassandra Freeman