Why Can’t I Take Action

It’s time to move forward…

take action

You have dreams.  You know what you want out of life and even have different things on your calendar that you need to get done. So why aren’t are you taking action?  It’s the dilemma that many people face but few do anything about.  But not you. You want to take action and you will. Once you identify with an item below that is holding you back you can confront your issue.  I’ve even included a special Take Action worksheet for you below, so that you can begin taking action that will lead you to your dreams. So let’s talk about what’s holding you back:

1. Fear.  Fear places limits and restraints on your dreams and your ability to take action. Whether you fear failure or success, you must not allow it to keep your dream from coming true.  The fear you possess for your dreams shouldn’t make you give up. Let it be a sign that you are on the right track.

2. Rationalizing. Overthinking your action steps can paralyze your forward momentum. Excuses give us permission to put our dreams on hold and procrastinate.  We allow our feelings to run away with our dreams.  Stick to your routines and start deleting negative thoughts.

3. Clutter. Set yourself up for success. If you can’t find your materials for your dreams then you are preventing yourself from taking any type of action on your dreams.  This can be frustrating when you can’t find what you are looking for and you end up preventing real dream progress.  You end up thinking Why can’t I ever take action? Once frustration sets in you are more likely to come up with more excuses for why your dream isn’t happening.  When you prepare your materials for your dreams, you give permission for ideas to flow, for inspiration to spark, and distractions to be eliminated.  Just like your materials, your attention gets placed where it needs to be…on your dreams. So don’t give up, instead choose to clean up.  Clean up your work area and your thoughts so that you can start making your way to success.

4. Unhealthy money thoughts. You think that you don’t have the resources to achieve your dreams.  In my Make it Happen course, I emphasis how you already have all the resources around you to start making your dreams happen. It’s true, yes you sure do! Stop thinking and start doing! I’m sure you know the saying “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!”  [ttshare]There is always a way to make your dream happen![/ttshare] Don’t stop your dream from happening because the beginning manifestation doesn’t look like what you expect.  When you have a vision it’s polished and shiny waiting for you to achieve it.  What your vision doesn’t tend to show you are the days of small beginnings. You will sure have some of those!  Keep your end goal in mind and keep fighting for that vision. Realize in the beginning it will take sacrifice but don’t allow what you view as financial lack to keep you from your dreams.  

5. Too comfortable.  Our comforts train us to stay still, while our dreams challenge those comforts. Your comforts will keep you where you are in life.  You see growth in your future, you see change.  Start pushing your comforts to the limits! There is nothing you can’t do. You have the will and you have the way. With challenge comes change.  With action and preparation, comes progress.  [ttshare]Don’t allow your present comforts to keep you from your future success.[/ttshare]  It’s time to take action, right now.  Decide to stop being comfortable, get up, and take action on your dreams. 


Don’t worry, I’ve got something great that will help you take action immediately! I know your tired of not taking action. So I’ve created this free quick cheat sheet on things you can do right now to take action. Get started here!

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take action


    Cassandra Freeman